Your marketing approach matters.

Have you had a bad marketing experience?

Be honest for a sec. What images come to mind when you think of marketing?

Slick marketers in suite putting their spin on the facts? Scary budget spreadsheets? Slimy sales people trying to up sell?

Or the never-ending drag of trying to work out what to post on social media? We hate these things, too.

At The Marketing Side we have a unique approach to marketing. We care deeply about giving you solutions that you understand, that you’re proud of, and that actually work.

We want to harness the unique flavour of each business to create genuine connections that grow into trust and sustainable relationships.

People connect with people. As consumers, we engage with businesses, particularly small businesses, because of the individuals behind the brand. Their stories, their passion and their expertise convince us to choose their business over everyone else in the market.

We want to communicate how amazing your business really is.

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? But how do we actually execute this?

marketing The Marketing Side

Our Approach to Marketing

See that beautiful illustration above? It’s a streetscape that represents a business’s digital presence. You might have all the elements in place or you could be a start-up at the very beginning of your business journey. No matter where you are, we can meet you there, get alongside you and help you take the next step.  

Our communication strategy is built on four key pillars; Business Identity, Digital Real Estate, Organic Discovery and Content Marketing.

Let’s dive a little deeper into each pillar, so you know the way we roll around here.

Business Identity: set yourself apart

Let’s start with the yellow signpost in the streetscape.

Business Identity is about telling your potential clients that “We’re here!” and we’re ready to play ball.

This is where you start to communicate your point of difference and differentiate your business from the crowd.

To create a Business Identity you need to unpack and define your:

  • Business name / Tagline
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Target Market

Consider your Business Identity as the first step in launching your business’s marketing strategy. Nailing these elements will show your potential clients and competitors that you’re serious and keen to grow.

marketing The Marketing Side

Maximising your Digital Real Estate 

Your Digital Real Estate is your corner of the internet.

Make sure your online space is on-brand, beautifully furnished and has the right gear your clients are looking for.

Intentionally make it a genuine reflection of your business so that you attract the right kind of visitors.

How’s your website looking? Have you updated your social media profile recently? Do you have a Google Business listing? Is it up to date with the correct information?

This is your cue to get out that feather duster and make your corner of the internet shine. Trust us when we say that people will notice and respond.

marketing The Marketing Side

Organic Discovery: How to increase your visibility

Now that you have your digital real estate in order, it’s time to get found online!

If people are searching for your products or services, they are hitting Google hard. What will they find when they discover your business?

We’re talking about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business and the rest. These platforms are FREE and can be used to maintain daily (or at least regular) contact with your target audience.

Take the plunge into the online world to build a community, grow loyalty, and share your story, values and services.

It’s time to start making content that will connect with your ideal clients. Home in on WHO you’re talking to, and WHY and show up CONSISTENTLY.

Your content should be an extension of your business identity, reinforcing your key services, values and personality.

This is the place to be creative and use storytelling to show your clients and competitors the unique value of your business.

marketing The Marketing Side

What is Content Marketing?

Track back to our streetscape illustration and find the people in the far-right chilling on the hill, wanting an invite to the party.

This crew represents your current and future audience, who are keen to hear more about your business.

How do we get to these people?

By providing them with genuine value through managed social media, helpful blogs, search engine optimisation (SEO), e-newsletter campaigns and paid digital advertising.

Content Marketing is different to Organic Discovery because it expands on the day-to-day discovery of digital media. This is a truly proactive, holistic and strategic approach that takes your business’s digital marketing to the next level.

Each online medium works together harmoniously to create intentional and targeted content that guarantees value and encourages clicks.

Content marketing is how you show your expertise in the industry and create deep and lasting relationships with clients. And those relationships? Look after them because that’s how you achieve business sustainability.

marketing The Marketing Side

Where to start?

Depending on where you are in your business journey, you might be ready to play in one place, and not another. And that’s 100% okay with us.

We’ll work with you wherever you’re at. And we’ll prioritise the areas that will make the most impact according to your stage and circumstances. If we know anything, we know that this looks different for every business.

The Marketing Side started at a dining room table with a second-hand laptop, so we understand humble beginnings, and the unique needs of small to medium businesses. (Hello there, budget spreadsheet…)

At The Marketing Side we consider your entire digital presence, knowing that each pillar of marketing impacts the others.

So, if you’re ready to build a solid marketing strategy, or you’re taking your very first steps into business with a belly full of passion and a few ideas scribbled on the back of an envelope, let’s chat. We’d love to bring big marketing thinking to your small business.