Working with an outsourced marketing consultant saves you money.

Get bang for your buck with an experienced marketing strategist on board when you need it.

Jodie - The Marketing Side - Marketing Consultant

Let's make your marketing goals a reality

As a freelance marketing consultant, my job is to take invisible, nebulous ideas and turn them into actionable marketing that’s clear, focused and effective.

Depending on your goals, budget and your in-house marketing capacity, choose the level of support that suits you.

You might be ready to work with a
marketing consultant if:

Your goals are exciting, but your marketing plan is non-existent

To succeed, you need a marketing strategy that’s aligned to your organisational objectives.

You're exhausted from trying to figure out marketing on your own

You want to get consistent with your marketing, but you don’t know where to start.

What you do is complex, and trying to explain it to people is hard

You're not a words person but you need clear, concise messaging that cuts through the noise.

Your in-house marketers are diligent and keen, but inexperienced

Execute your customised marketing strategy with guidance and support from an expert.

The Marketing side - Working with a Marketing Consultant
The Marketing Side - Consulting - Marketing Consultant

How consulting works

1. Audit

I’ll analyse what’s currently happening across your messaging, collateral, website, social media, digital campaigns and client communications.

2. Brand Strategy

We’ll develop messaging, branding and positioning that helps you rise above the competitor clutter and makes your ideal clients the hero in a great story.

3. Strategic Marketing Plan

Develop a clear, comprehensive plan outlining effective tactics that are directly linked to your business goals.

4. Marketing Execution

As your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, I’m transplanted into your organisation on a weekly or fortnightly basis to implement, measure, analyse and refine your marketing.

As a marketing consultant, I can develop AND execute your strategic marketing plan, whether that’s working with your existing providers or bringing in trusted specialists.

Whether that’s for:

Jodie Marketing Consultant Strategy

I’ve implemented effective, strategic marketing for more than 60 organisations around Australia

Imagine working with a marketing consultant who understands what you do, stands firmly in your corner and helps you demonstrate how you make your customer’s lives better.


A marketing consultant works with a business or organisation to create and execute effective marketing campaign. I help clients to identify your target audience, create clear messaging, develop strategic marketing plans that pave the way for success, review, refine and measure your marketing impact.

A Chief Marketing Officer or CMO is the person in charge or marketing in an organisation. They oversee the planning, development, execution and evaluation of all marketing initiatives. Depending on the size of your organisation, a marketing consultant can fill this role and work closely with the CEO or business owner to manage marketing.

Yes! Often charities and not-for-profits have small, if any marketing budgets. Integrating a marketing consultant into your NFP can be an excellent way to establish quality marketing without the cost of employing staff on an on-going basis. I currently work with a number of not-for profit organisations.

If your staff are experienced and know how to develop and execute effective marketing strategies, you may not need a marketing consultant. If, however, your in-house marketing teams lacks broader marketing experience and has limited expertise, working with a marketing consultant can be an effective way to up-skill, support and manage your staff so your marketing is strategic and effective.

Yes. Developing a strategic marketing plan is one of the first steps into building effective marketing. Without it, there’s no structure, no concrete goals, tactics or evaluation. I help clients develop and then execute their marketing plan so they can see what traction their marketing strategies are having, can measure ROI and stay accountable to their goals.

It depends. Best thing to do is book a discovery call and find out. One benefit of hiring a marketing consultant is the cost saving. Work with an experienced CMO with a proven track record when you need them. Depending on your needs, length of the contract and your in-house marketing capacity, it’s important to consider the ROI of a consultant versus hiring full-time staff.

Let’s find out, hey? Booking a free Discovery Call is the best way to see if working with me as your marketing consultant will be a good fit for your organisation or business.

Yep! When you don’t have an in-house web developer, it makes sense to work with a marketing consultant who knows what it takes to build a killer website. (And I’ve built more than 30 websites in the last 9 years). Enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing your website is a genuine reflection of your organisation.

"You're not a words person, but I am. My superpower is developing clear, concise messaging that cuts through the noise."