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About Jodie

Marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming.

I’ll give you practical solutions that work, so you can start kicking goals.

Meet Jodie McEwen


In 2015, The Marketing Side started with me, barefoot at the dining room table with a second-hand laptop, a mortgage to pay and a heartfelt desire to help people understand marketing.

After years of working in publishing, marketing, communications and social media, I was staring unemployment in the eye.

Friends began sending me business owners who were struggling to get their message across social media, and The Marketing Side was born. 

Delivering holistic, real-world marketing solutions means working with a trusted crew of experts, and I’ve hand-picked the best. 

I know the rollercoaster of small business life, managing employees and profit margins.

And I know the juggle of organisations and not-for-profits, balancing boards, fundraising targets and volunteers.

Success can look different. EVERY organisation deserves to work with a marketing consultant who crafts a strategy that helps you reach your goals, whatever they are. 

Meet Jodie McEwen


As a little girl, Jodie developed a love of reading, and she stills gets a massive kick out of finding the perfect word for any situation.

After working in communications, publishing, marketing and social media, she founded The Marketing Side in 2015 and finally gets to put all those words to good use.

Jodie The Marketing Side

Choosing a marketing consultant can feel overwhelming. I might be a good fit for you if:

You're exhausted from trying to figure out marketing on your own.

If you’re launching something new and you need a solid marketing presence, I‘ve gotcha covered. (And I love working from a clean slate).

What you do is complex, and you hate trying to explain it to people.

Just bought an established business that’s looking a bit tired? Let’s bring some marketing magic, inject some energy and revitalise your brand for growth.

Your goals are exciting, but your marketing plan is non-existent.

Adding new revenue streams means you need collateral & assets to help you maximise sales. Let’s make sure your digital presence accurately reflects your business. 

Marketing Consultant - The Marketing Side


Marketing with heart


I keep things real. Forget flattery or fakeness, hello genuine interactions. I honestly believe your people, services and products are worth showing off.

Honesty & Integrity

You get the truth, even when you might not want to hear it. I like to sleep well at night, so that means doing the right thing even when no-one’s watching.


I hate waste, so I’m intentional about using time, resources and money well, both yours and mine.

Connection & Harmony

I build authentic relationships for the long term and work with you to find synergy. Everyone has something to contribute and I’m always looking to learn.


Unmet expectations cause disappointment. I set clear expectations, with the goal to under promise and over deliver.

My approach to marketing

What comes to mind when you think of marketing?

Slick marketers putting their spin on the ‘facts’?

Scary budget spreadsheets?

Slimy salespeople trying to upsell you?

The never-ending drag of trying to work out what to post on social media?

I hate those things, too.

I know you don’t have the time (or budget) for endless marketing activities that don’t make a difference. And I understand that cashflow isn’t just numbers in a spreadsheet, it’s the next pay run and food on the table.

I recognise and celebrate the fact that that every organisation is different. So instead of a cookie-cutter marketing approach that isn’t effective, I take the time to get to know you and your business so I can tailor a marketing strategy that suits you.

I care deeply about giving you solutions that you understand, that you’re proud of, and that actually work.