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Too often social media courses are intimidating, complicated & overwhelming.

In my social media training sessions, we work through content at a realistic pace so you can learn and ask questions along the way.

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Need to organise social media training? Running a business or managing social for a community organisation?

One hour lunch seminars, after-hours Zoom workshops, social media training days or 4-week courses – choose the option that suits you.

I run online and in-person social media training sessions for rganisations and individuals throughout the year. Simply tell me when you want to hold your training and what you want to learn, and I’ll develop a customised course that helps you achieve your goals.


Your knowledge is deep, embedded and familiar so you have the skills, systems and confidence to master your social media marketing. Plus you get customisable, useful resources that you’ll actually use afterwards.

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Jodie - Meet the trainer - Social Media Marketing

Meet the Trainer

Jodie McEwen

Based in Newcastle, NSW,  Jodie works with social media managers and admins around Australia, online and in person.

After more than 7 years managing social media for large and small organisations, Jodie created her own social media training modules to help people leverage the power of social so they can reach their goals.

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Stay top of mind when it comes to people choosing a place to eat or meet friends. With events to promote, new menus to feature and amazing suppliers to highlight, engaging social media for hospitality venues is about getting people in the door and creating a buzz about your venue.


Responsive councils serve their community well by funding social media training that truly helps groups make a difference. I've worked with councils across NSW and VIC to teach community group volunteers how to maximise their impact online using social. Book a trainer who customises training to suit the people who will attend.


I have years of experience managing and training churches in how to use social media well. Partnering with denominations and individual congregations, I launched a podcast called How To: Market Your Church. It's an uphill battle to navigate a shifting culture and services and events 52 Sundays a year with no budget.

Not-for-Profits/Community Groups

NFPs often need to recruit volunteers, ask for donations, tell stories that demonstrate their impact and publicise events. With limited skills in the organisation, community groups need free and cheap ideas, hacks and tips to maximise every opportunity to do good in the community.


People in Sustainable Neighbourhood or Landcare groups often care deeply about the environment, but don't know how to reach their local community. Whether your group needs local businesses to donate supplies, you want volunteers to attend a tree-planting day, or prove you're worthy for a grant, smart social media marketing can help.

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