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The Colour 8 Home The Marketing Side

Project Overview

The Colour 8 Home is a Newcastle property staging business owned by Belinda Gannon. After 18 months in business, Belinda wanted to take her business to the next level with a professional website.

Leveraging her considerable IT skills, Belinda built the first website herself. The site served its purpose but had morphed over time, and it didn’t reflect the level of professional services now offered.

It’s a fact that staged properties sell faster and make more money. If you’re selling your home, these are two key pieces of information to communicate FAST so we focused on creating clear messaging FIRST.

Belinda had wisely written incredibly helpful blogs that were keyword-rich and had click-bait titles: How We Turned a $1,600 investment into $40k profit, THAT kind of bloggy goodness. These blogs form a strong foundation of SEO-optimised content that continues to drive traffic to the website long-term and provide genuine value to her clients.

With lots of clients in the 60+ age category who are down-sizing and selling their family home, it was vital that the website was easy to read and simple to navigate.

Expert home-stagers spend every hour of every day making things look GREAT. This made capturing quality photos for the website simple.

The Colour 8 Home The Marketing Side
The Colour 8 Home The Marketing Side

What we did

More than most clients, Belinda understands that online, imagery can be make or break the deal. She had a clear idea of the kind of relaxed, fresh and welcoming imagery she wanted on the website and the final photos speak for themselves.

For a slightly older target market, we consciously made the font thick and large enough to read (without glasses) so prospective clients could easily explore the website. The menu and page structure is simple and not distracting, and the page has plenty of contrast so it’s easy on the eye.

The blog was designed so Belinda could easily add and edit resources over time, according to trends, client needs and business growth. Two years down the track, the blogs consistently drive hundreds of visitors to the website every month, giving The Colour 8 Home a steady stream of enquiries from prospective clients.

The Colour 8 Home had an existing brand, so we worked hard to extend the styling and colour palette into The Colour 8 Home’s new digital home. From the photography to the accent colours throughout the website, the sky blue/green of her branding shines through.

What our client said

People always tell me ‘I really like your website’. Their feedback is that it’s easy to use, and it looks beautiful. And that was 100% the brief.

I’m getting all the right kind of enquiries through the website. I’m so glad I spent the money and got it redone properly. There was some good content before, but I needed an expert to deliver everything I needed: digital strategy, professional design, SEO-friendly content, a great user experience and plenty of enquiries.

It looks great, and I love showing it to people.
The Colour 8 Home The Marketing Side
Founder & owner, The Colour 8 Home