MenoMojo is run by Amy, a specialist menopause coach who helps women over 40 feel strong, confident and good in their own skin.

Project Overview

Amy was running a successful personal training business- Amy Elle Coaching- working face-to-face with menopausal women in a Newcastle gym. Her dedication to her clients is palpable, and she’ s so good, her personal training sessions were booked to capacity.
With a genuine desire to help more women navigate menopause well, Amy created the MenoMojo app. Built on her extensive knowledge, the app supports women through menopause with tailored workouts, recipes, and personalised tracking. Amy’s goal was to launch MonoMojo to the world and help menopausal women across Australia get their mojo back.

MenoMojo The Marketing Side
MenoMojo The Marketing Side

What we did

Amy understood the need for a strong website that would support the MenoMojo app and her ongoing marketing. As she was rebranding her business from Amy Elle Coaching to MenoMojo, getting the messaging right was key. From our very first meeting, it was clear Amy understood her niche and her clients deeply, but the Messaging Workshop formed a vital foundation in a strong marketing plan.

After DIY-ing her first website, it was time to take everything to the next level. We booked a professional photoshoot at the gym and clients rallied around so we could capture them doing what they do best- train! To increase visibility and position herself as a leader in the space, Amy is pursuing speaking opportunities at events and on podcasts, so we made sure to capture images that she can use for her bio/profile down the track.

We built a website that allows women across Australia to get the advice and support they need to take control of their menopause journey. With easy links to subscribe to the app, bookings for a Health Audit or online coaching, the site also showcases free nutrition, mindset and training resources.

With a slightly older demographic in mind, we purposefully selected font sizes and colours for text that’s easy to read on a mobile device without the need for glasses. The feedback from Amy’s clients has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the website in place, the next phase of MenoMojo marketing is looking strong.

What our client said

I started working with Jodie because I was looking for someone who could distil my passion, ideas and business identity in a clear, concise way so that people viewing my website could understand exactly who I help. We spent time understanding who my customers are and how to use my website to bring the message across. I love my website and branding! I wanted my website to be the foundation of my business and Jodie did just that.
MenoMojo The Marketing Side
Amy Lombard
Founder & Exercise Scientist, MenoMojo