Maitland Region Community Support


Maitland Region Community Support is a not-for-profit organisation that helps individuals and families living in and around Maitland.

Project Overview

Known as Maitland Neighbourhood Centre since launching in 1987, Maitland Region Community Support helps Maitland locals with practical support, programs and strategic referrals to specialist services.

The need for support in the region is huge and growing. Despite serving thousands of meals and food parcels annually, running supported playgroups, parenting courses and cooking programs, the only online presence this vital organisation had was a Facebook page. The goal was to make it easy for people in Maitland who needed support to be able to find and access help in hard times.

Maitland Region Community Support The Marketing Side
Maitland Region Community Support The Marketing Side

What we did

It can be a challenge to capture the essence of a not-for-profit organisation when they offer a broad range of different services, programs and support options. Alongside the multiple offerings sits the challenge of communicating the support services with sensitivity. We learned that MRCS’s guests often felt embarrassed or ashamed that they needed help, so it was important that the messaging was real and clear, but also positive and non-judgemental.

First and foremost the website needed to be easy to navigate for people who were looking for assistance. Secondary considerations included fundraising support with a donation button and also demonstrating the organisation’s impact to funding bodies.

In line with my ethos of authenticity, a photoshoot of the staff, volunteers and families who are part of MRCS was a key component of the project. The photos we captured on the day showcase the volunteers, the facilities and the heart and soul of the organisation. There’s a sense of fun, connection and support in the photos as we showcased their kitchen volunteers, playgroup families and staff.

What our client said

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Maitland Region Community Support The Marketing Side
Sarah Adams