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Project Overview

Lake Macquarie Suicide Prevention Network (LMSPN) have been working in our region since 2009, supporting individuals and families impacted by suicide.

LMSPN wanted to build a one-touch online mental health resource so anyone in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle can find relevant, local support services for themselves, or someone they are supporting. The result is

Suicide is an incredibly emotive topic, so it was vital that we communicated thoughtfully by learning the right terminology. 

As a not-for-profit, LMSPN had previously relied on volunteers to create logos and branding. They needed a cohesive visual identity that would resonate with their community.

Using photography was problematic on the website, as most people don’t want to have their image connected to such a senstive topic, so we needed another solution.

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What we did

Firstly we took time to learn how to talk about difficult things sensitively, and how to approach suicide prevention and mental health support with a sense of hope. 

We used their inspiration of a sunflower to create a warm logo representing connection and a nurturing community of people surrounding an individual. The leaves form an open base and uphold the sunflower with underlying support.

To overcome the photography issue, we created custom illustrations that told the story of what it’s like when someone is trying to find mental health support. From feeling lost and alone, to trying to take the next step, we wanted to make it clear that there is help available and that you never need to feel alone.

Making relevant information easy to find was the crucial piece of this website. Our goal was to minimise clicks and organise information so it was intuitive. People who are looking for mental health support are already stressed, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, so we wanted to simplify the process in as few steps as possible.

What our client said

“The Marketing Side didn’t just create a website, they created an experience. We wanted a website that was calming, clear and easy to navigate. The team took time to identify our needs, understand our audience, and immerse themselves in the story and the language we use in a challenging environment. Their personalised approach, exceptional communication and dedication to our project showed us that they weren’t just doing a job, they were creating something that has meaning beyond the page.“
Finding help
Brad, Chair
Lake Macquarie Suicide Prevention Network