3 signs you need a new website

Your website is your home online: so do you need a new website?

It’s where people can find you, see you, learn about you, contact you and understand all the wonderful ways your business can help them.

Are you cringeing right now because while you have a website, it doesn’t do half the things that we just listed?

Here are 3 signs you might need a new website:

1. The content isn’t accurate

2. You avoid referring people there. If you have to put a caveat on your website every time you talk to someone about it, then you’ve got a problem on your hands.

3. It’s broken and you don’t have access to fix it.  

Does your website represent your business well?

If we asked you “Are you proud of your website?” what would you say? If the answer is anything other than an immediate “YES!”, something needs to change.

Start off by updating all your information so it’s as current as possible. This includes the correct contact details, about and team page, services and current services.

When a client comes to your website, they need these questions answered first:

  • What is the business? (e.g. A building company)
  • What does the business do? (e.g. Specialises in decks)
  • Where does your business operate? (e.g. Newcastle and surrounding regions)
  • What’s the next step to work with you? (e.g. Call for a quote)

To make an impact, this information should be positioned in a prominent place on your website. Consider your home page as your digital shop front. Provide potential clients with everything they need to know as soon as possible, giving them less time to change their minds and navigate away from your page.

Consistent branding is key- think logo, colours and fonts- and it goes without saying that quality photos matter.

TIP: If you’re using photos of your staff on the website, make sure that images of any previous employees who have left the business are removed.

Gravity IT

Making a positive, professional impression

Your website is often the first point of contact that prospective clients will have with your business, so first impressions count! Here are three steps you can take to elevate your website, before you commit to building a new website.


You can get away with not having a flashy website, but it needs to be functional. It must:

  • Have links that work
  • Be easy to use

Think about the user experience. Sort out any broken links and make sure everything you want the user to click on works and loads quickly.


Leave zero room for confusion.

Let’s be real. We’re all easily distracted and busy, so we want to make the user’s experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Don’t waffle on with too much information. Use your elevator pitch and follow up with a clear call to action.

What do we mean by ‘call to action’? Direct the user to complete a desired action, such as emailing or calling your business. Tell them what you want them to do next.


Here’s another principle we live by – The KISS Principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

The simpler your website is, the better. If you’re not a web designer, don’t try and do something that’s beyond your expertise that will drain you of time, energy and the will to live. It’s better to have a clean, simple website that works.

You can do this by making sure your website has: 

  • Clear hierarchy of information (most important information at the top)
  • Consistent branding
  • Use high contrast colours (e.g., don’t have a white text on a light grey background)
  • Readable content (easy to read fonts and font sizes)

Website checklist: Complete!

 Now that you’ve tidied up your website, how do you feel?

Start sending people to your website with confidence and pride. You now know that potential clients will have a true impression of your business and can easily navigate the site.

This is just an overview of the complex world of website development and design. If this checklist has made you realise that you need to have a chat about your website, call us! 

Need a new website?

We’d love to chat with you about how you can have a website that clearly shows off your passion & expertise. We walk you through the process and hold your hand every step of the way.