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Valley Psychology

Sue is an experienced psychologist and Valley Psychology is her psychology practice in the Upper Hunter. Combining her love for horses AND psychology, Sue is also a trained Equine Assisted Psychotherapist. This means that Sue’s clients get to work with horses as part of their therapy, so WE got some fairly spectacular photo opportunities.

I highly recommend The Marketing Side, they offered exceptional quality and service. Looking forward to working together for years to come.

Sue Jakes, Valley Psychology


With so many stunning images of horses throughout the website, we consciously designed Valley Psychology’s logo without a horse motif.  Reflecting the rural location of the business, we were mindful of the chance to communicate a connection to nature and peaceful tranquility. Surrounded by all the beautiful eucalyptus trees, the gum leaf was a clear winner.

Web Site

We had ridiculous amounts of fun creating a brand, logo and website that  made Sue proud of her business again. Not wanting to pigeon-hole Valley Psychology as ‘the horse psychologist’ we made sure that Room-Based Therapy had a prominent place on the website and that the serene setting was the hero. 

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The stormy day of our photo-shoot added an element of softness to the images we didn’t expect, but welcomed nonetheless. We captured connections between horses and humans and these photos are some of our all time faves.

There was a moment at this shoot where Jacob sent the drone up to capture some (jaw-droppingly beautiful) aerial shots. He handed his camera to Jodie- essentially saying point here and shoot that- and as the drone lifted up, buzzing as drones do, the horses picked up on the change in energy, looked at one another and went ‘What the heck is going on?’ See if you can pick the non-photographer’s photo. 

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