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Stratera Accountants

Mark was disillusioned when he approached us to build a website for Hamilton-based Stratera Accountants. With two failed website attempts with other companies behind him, we wanted to make the process as simple as possible so that Stratera Accountants would finally get the digital presence they needed.

When you Google accountant’s websites, most of them are full of boring stock photos of corporate stuffed shirts. At Stratera, Mark’s not afraid of doing things differently; available to clients and responsive, implementing best practice tools and systems and having honest conversations that sometimes need to be had. It was crucial that his website reflected that difference.


This was our third attempt at getting a web page up and running. Jodie and her team developed a concept, strategy and then got the job done. Big thanks. Highly recommended. Mark Crisp, Stratera Accountants


We wanted to communicate that out-of-the-box thinking across the website through creative imagery. Sure, lots of accountants offer similar services, but it’s the values a business is built of that creates a point of difference.

Mark loved the idea of setting up his ‘office’ in some unconventional locations around our region.

The resulting photo-shoot produced some very un-accountant-like photos that really set Stratera apart from their competitors.

Web Site

Mark wanted a website that gave Stratera some personality and gave people an idea of what they could expect when they work with his business. The whole idea of feeling good about calling your accountant was such a novel idea, we couldn’t help but use it for the home page. At the end of the day, it was indeed third time lucky for Stratera Accountants.

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