Expert social media training at your place.
100% Corona-Free thanks to Zoom.

One night social media crash-courses can be intimidating and overwhelming. At DIY Social Media, we take our time working through content at a realistic pace so you can learn and ask questions at any point along the way.

I learned so much from the course. It really helped me to understand social media and how to use it to my best advantage. The company that I work for are just offering training in this area now. So I feel like I am ahead already and I am trying to become more consistent in posting engaging content. So it was totally worth participating in your course!
Kyra Jurd, Thermo-Lish

This has been a great course. I understand how to use social media so much better as a tool in marketing strategically. Thanks Jodie for your insight, wisdom and constructive comments. It’s great working with you.
Ian Edwards, Planalife

Great materials to work with. Fantastic course teacher. Very experienced. Highly recommend. Would love to do any follow up courses in the future.
Nicole Gaymer

I highly recommend DIY Social Media. The course was loads of fun and so informative. By doing only half of what she suggested, it increased our company’s page likes by 100%!!! Imagine what it’ll be when I put everything into practice.
Lou Stuart, Inspectrite

This is a FANTASTIC course and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in setting up or improving their business social media use. I learned an enormous amount and can’t thank The Marketing Side enough.
Melissa Chappy
Have just completed a four-week DIY Social Media course by The Marketing Side which I would highly recommend. Learned so much… Great course, fabulous facilitator.
Amanda Francis, New Vine Vineyards Baptist Church

The 4-week course costs $550 incl GST.

That’s less than $140/week for 8 hours training with an expert.


2020 Course Dates



Apr 17-18

Moor Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield,
United Kingdom- POSTPONED

Apr 9, 16, 23, 30

7-9pm  Online via Zoom

What to expect at DIY Social Media via Zoom.

The course content & resources are EXACTLY the same, but you’ll log on each week via ZOOM and join in for small group training, tips, templates, resources and personalised feedback.

DIY Social Media is relevant, hands-on social media marketing training. You have time to learn at a realistic pace and IMPLEMENT your knowledge along the way.

We meet over four weeks and start at the beginning.

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Snapchat. Twitter.

You learn things. Do activities live in class and get homework. Then you go away and let it all soak in.

The next week, you come back and get feedback as we review your posts. Learn more tips. Dig around in the guts of Facebook and Instagram analytics in class and get familiar with the data that helps you track your progress.

And we learn more. And do more.

Four weeks later, your knowledge is deep, embedded and familiar so you have the skills and confidence to master your social channels for your business.

Defining your target audience

Who are your ideal buyers, the people you need to be creating for? Knowing your target market and what motivates, challenges and inspires them means you can deliver content to meet their needs and show them that you understand them.


Strategically using the right platforms

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. Snapchat. LinkedIn. We’ll let you in on a secret. You don’t have to be on every social media platform. Let’s make sure you’re visible where your clients are looking for you, and let’s make those platforms AWESOME.


Creating great content

This is THE biggest challenge our clients face, knowing what to post and how to get their followers interacting with them. You’ll get LOTS of ideas, tip sheets and strategies on how to create content that your audience will love.


Increasing reach, engagement & conversion

Social media marketing is all well and good, but it needs to convert into $$. You’ll learn how to get the best organic reach, the most engagement and draw new clients to your business.


Scheduling to make life easy

Managing social media is just a part of your job, right? We want to simplify it for you. Our aim is to get you to the point where you can plan, create and schedule a week’s worth of social content in just one hour.


Apps to make your social content awesome

Every social media manager has a few good tricks up their sleeve when it comes to creating great content. We’ll share all the apps we use and recommend, and you’ll be glad to know that most of them are FREE.


Understanding insights & analytics

How do you know when things are going right? We’ll show you how to find and unpack the behind-the-scenes data – actual numbers and graphs, people – to track your growth and success.


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