Our Story

We meet the marketing needs
of small business

Small business owners have to be capable in so many areas- production,  accounting, deliveries, merchandising and managing staff- it’s no wonder the marketing side is so often neglected. That’s where we can help. 


The concept for The Marketing Side was first floated in 2015 when I was staring unemployment straight in the eye.

After years in communications, media, marketing and publishing, my contract was coming to an end and there wasn’t another one on the table. Instead of admitting I was jobless, I started telling people about my skills. So many said ‘Oh! You need to talk to my friend. They own a small business and they REALLY need help with that kind of stuff.’ I was surprised- and if I’m honest, delighted- to find that the skills I’d learned were vital for businesses and organisations in a digital world.

So that’s where it started. People asked if I could help them with the marketing side of their business and after a while, I said yes. Pretty soon, my clients wanted to expand into new areas I didn’t specialise in, but thankfully, my friends did. So I roped in the ridiculously talented Jacob Shultz and we began collaborating to provide our clients with a unique set of skills and services, all in one place.


Jacob shultz

In primary school, I was convinced I’d never be involved in anything even remotely creative. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t put down my guitar, because I was shockingly bad at what I thought were the only creative outlets – drawing and painting. As I got older, I realised that in reality, I loved being creative (just don’t ask me to draw you a picture). So after a full 180 degree about-face from my pre-teen self, my love for photography, music, graphic and web design led me to create my own business – Jacob Shultz Creative.

In 2016, Jodie asked me to give her a hand with a web site she was working on as part of her new business – The Marketing Side. Over a year later, I’m still here! The more Jodie and I have worked together on all things creative, the more we’ve realised that there is a productive partnership at work. It’s been a stackload of fun getting to put the mulitple facets of our creativity to work to produce beautiful material for local businesses.



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